Orbit Culture haben sich heute Nacht mit ihrer neuen Single ”Flight Of The Fireflies”  zurück gemeldet!

Der Track wird auf der neuen EP ’Shaman’  zu finden sein.

Diese wird den direkten Nachfolger zum aktuellen Album „Nija“ (2020) darstellen.
Orbit Culture können bereits auf drei Studioalben und zwei EP´s zurückblicken.


01. Mast of the World
02. Flight of the Fireflies
03. Carvings
04. Strangler
05. A Sailor’s Tale

Releasedatum ist der 24.09.2021.

Die Band beschreibt den Song und die EP wie folgt:

„When it comes to the lyrics and the message of this song, I, especially during the pandemic, found that my consumption of alcohol rose, as I suppose it did for many people, and what it did to both my physical and mental health was not preferable at all. During one night last year, I came home from a night out and just poured out every word about how I’ve felt about myself and the relationship with alcohol, and I get it, I truly do, the search for something that makes you turn off the engine for a while, but for some of us, the chase and that feeling never stops, whether you like drugs, gambling, alcohol, bowling or whatever it might be. I still enjoy drinking from time to time, but I try to keep it very controlled nowadays. It’s a very sneaky drug which in the long run hurts more than it pleases and there’s an abyss in that world I’d never like to visit. That’s where ‚Flight of the Fireflies‘ kicks in. You are trying to chase the lights in the dark but eventually those small lights go away if you chase them for too long.

Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass wir die Jungs nächstes Jahr reichlich bei uns sehen werden!

Hört hier den neuen Track