Die Jungs von We Came As Romans haben bestätigt dass, die Arbeiten für Album Nr. 6 begonnen haben.

Dies wird der erste Output ohne Cleansänger Kyle Pavon.

Dieser verstarb August 2018 an einer ungewollten Überdosis.

Dave Stephens zweit Vokalist bei We Came As Romans verrriet den Kollegen von Billboard.com dass, sie sich freuen das Album zu schreiben und es als eine Art von Therapie ansehen werden.

Hier das Originale Statement:

“I love that we’re going into the studio with so much to write about and something that hits home for all of us so hard. We’ve never had something so terrible happen, and I think it’s going to be therapeutic to write about it and be together and go through the whole process. I’m actually really looking forward to it.”

“Every record we make some kind of progression, so there’ll be a progression on this one, but I don’t think we’re going to do anything too drastic. It’s still gonna sound like We Came As Romans.”

Er fügt hinzu das Arbeiten von Pavone selber auch auf dem Album sein sollen:

“He was always writing, and I’m pretty sure he gave Lou, our guitarist, a few different things he wrote. We’re gonna try and get into his laptop, too, ’cause I’m sure he had just files and files and files of stuff there, too. So that’s a goal. We would love to include him in this record as much as we can, aside from just writing about him.”